Friday, December 30, 2011

Asia an girl rina

When Rina came home from school that day , she was very pleased to see her grandmother hello rina her grandmother said .I’ve come for a few days while your mother ‘s away . She’s going to Dhaka on a five day course . She’s going to learn more about computers I think. Learn exclaimed rina . is n’s  she going  to teach on the course ? she ‘s the same age as my teacher , Mrs. Amin how can she be a student ?

 Mrs. Murshed  laughed well .I’m still learning rina . but you know everything grandmother said rina .Mrs. murshed laughed again . He was a very proud man  and thought he knew everything. But how can anyone know everything ?it’s impossible . don’t we learn from experience ? asked rina Mrs. amin thinks we do and you’ve had so much experience grandmother . yes  I have agreed Mrs.  murshed . but how much do we learn  form it ?do you know about the six blind men and the elephant ? no  rina replied is it  a story grandmother ?well it’s a poem actually , explained her grandmother .but I’ll tell you the story first oh thank you grandmother .can tunu  hear it too ? asked rina yes of course he can replied Mrs. murshed call him here and I’ll tell it to you both so rina ran into the garden and called tunu . then they sat down and listened to their grandmother ‘s story .


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  8. very nice, Matt!!! I love your expressions and how pushed your mouth drawings are.