Sunday, December 18, 2011

world police and people

In every country ,police is one of the important law enforcing  forces , which renders services to the people and Bangladesh is not an exception .  From the early inception of this institution , this force is trying to fulfill its making cause , but unfortunately the performance of this institution has been questioned . Have we ever tried to find out the reasons of dismal performance of the police ? We don’t even think about it rather often criticize their role . We use to forget that these public servants are also human being having some basic human rights , expectations , dreams and so on.

IN our country , police  public  relationship is not good enough .It is believed that they have the habit taking bribe , they exposes rude behavior and somewhat stone hearted . If the reasons of police psychology are scrutinized the real truth would be revealed and the public police relationship will become stronger than ever .

The usual complaints against police officers are that they don’t  do their duties in a right manner . As they don’t get their deserving facilities from the government such as accommodation , health care , enough salary , suitable social status etc  ,they always remain dissatisfied with their carrier . This frustration makes them rude and rigid hearted . Because of bearing critical pressures in mind such as security of people , security of family , betterment of  their own leading life , that can not play the exact role in their job . If a person is satisfied to his/her own life , he/she will be able to satisfy his/her surroundings by his good deeds . On the other  hand , to do a good job , they need sufficient equipments which they really don’t have . Moreover , they  have to spend  their own money for the sake of different purposes related with cases in the police station . But , when they ask  this money from the family member of the victim, they consider it as bribe . So , how could they serve us the true service like ?

I am not saying that , all police officers are innocent . But like one rotten apple , some evil minded police office spoils the reputation of the total police department . If we pick up and throw out these will be no chance of corruption in the center point of the whole security  service , then everyone will be benefited . Reformation campaign in this service can also be seriously thought of . When their necessity would be heard of and they would  be provided with scientific and modern equipments , when the recruitment  process in police force will be fair , then the allegations against the police personnel will be lessened . To get better service , general people also should practice their solemn duty to co-operate with the police officers in carrying out their investigation . 

Faith and trust can keep anyone away from crime and corruption and also can make anyone responsible , honest and devotee to his/her job . We should keep full confidence on them because the police force is the force , which truly wants to serve us but some concerns as stated able society . A joint adventure on the part of the government , police and the general people is a prerequisite for that .

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