Sunday, December 18, 2011

One evening


One evening luna and rina were walking home together . look at the pond . said lona .doesn’t it look beautiful ?the two girls stood and looked at the college pond . near the smithy , the pond was covered in purple water hyacinths . 

Yes said luna . and the water hyacinths look lovely but not everyone likes them . my father thinks they’re worse than useless . why asked rina surprised come and see replied luna .the girls walked towards the water . look said luna the water’s nearly covered with them . 

Hello girls said a voice . it was rina’s mother mrs rehana salam . she was also walking home . she worked near the college pond . why are you looking into the water ?she asked we’re looking at the water hyacinths  replied rina . the water’s nearly covered with them .yes said rina’s mother and they grow very quickly . if they aren’t cleared away soon they ‘ll  cover all the water . 

Some  plants are useful said luna bamboo for example can be made into furniture. But water hyacinths are worse than useless. Well replied mrs salam . water hyacinths can also be made into useful things . really ?asked  the girls surprised .yes continued mrs salam come along and I’ll show  you .

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