Sunday, December 18, 2011

A long time (ruplal)

A long time ago in a small village near the jungle , there lived a young man called ruplal . He lived with his family and worked on a farm ,but he didn’t kile it there . it was a beautiful place, but there were a lot of problems . the village people were always quarrelling , so there was no peace . I’ll either have to go and live alone in the jungle , or I’ll go completely mad ruplal exclaimed . I don’t want to stay here one more day so he collected his things and went to live by himself in the jungle .

Ruplal made a nice little hut for himself in the jungle with wood , bamboo and reeds . there he lived in peace and quiet all by himself . ah ! how happy I am now he thought to himself . then one day after a few weeks , he discovered something strange . in his blanket there was a hole . who made this hole ? ruplal asked . he looked around him , but nobody replied . I don’t understand . there’s either somebody here , or the hole just made itself !that night while ruplal was sleeping he heard a noise . either someone or something was eating his blanket . who’s that ruplal shouted . go away and leave me alone  outside the moon was shining brightly and ruplal saw something small . it was a mouse . right he thought  . I’ll bring my cat here . then  I’ll be able to sleep in peace !”  

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